Tips for achieving Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance is the most often talked about topics in corporate life. The advent of technology has made it even more prominent since it makes executives accessible anywhere anytime. That coupled with the competition at the workplace, better incentives for putting in additional hours and increasing workload eats up the little personal time one has at hand.

Here are a few tips to achieve healthy work-life balance in your life.

Work-Life Balance
Work-Life Balance

Make Changes to your lifestyle

All of us are governed by our habits and processes that allow us to perform our tasks. Some of these habits may not be as useful as you think they are. Take some time out to analyse and prioritise things. Rank them in the order of their criticality and your expertise. Learn to focus more on those tasks that rank high on both these factors. Keep a benchmark score and consider delegating any activity that does not meet the benchmark score. As we all know, habits can be difficult to change and will require effort at our end. That said, it is not impossible. This will also help you nurture and provide an opportunity for your subordinates to grow.

Start Small and build from there

We also need to take care that we don’t change everything at once, because then the changes will be too much to deal with and we are more likely to go back to the initial stage. Don’t try to run before you learn to crawl. For eg, if you are not getting much time to spend with your family, try to keep half an hour to an hour aside daily that will be family time. Make sure that you don’t have any other distractions especially your mobile phone to disturb this time. Let’s say you haven’t been on a vacation for a long time. Try planning out weekend trips with your family and friends, rather than waiting for that long vacation which may never happen.

Say No to less productive activities or people

There are many activities in our lives which are not productive at all. There are also many people whose main expertise is to spread negativity and waste others time. Avoid such people and activities at all costs. Have a premium on your time and spend it only with people or on extremely important activities. If you can’t remove them completely make sure you reduce it to the minimum. You will be surprised at how much extra time it will add to your daily hours. The same thing also applies to the use of mobile phones and other tech gadgets that you may use to surf online aimlessly. If you are traveling, let’s say, rather then watching videos online, wouldn’t it be better to call a friend or cousin or even your parents, in case they are away just to chit chat?

Unplug for achieving work-life balance

As mentioned earlier, technology has made everyone accessible without any limitations of time and location. Learn to just switch off your phone especially when you are at home spending quality time with your family. Again, start small and build from there. Initially, you might feel an urge to instantly see if there are any urgent emails or any notifications, but do not pay heed to that urge. This will slowly build into a habit and you will be able to really add quality to the quality time with your loved ones .

Learn new skills that will help you to achieve work-life balance

Learn new skills that will help you to achieve work-life balance
Learn new skills

For those who are not sure how to prioritise your tasks, how to delegate it, manage your time better, etc. need not worry. These are all skills which can be learnt and perfected with practice over a while. Focus on learning them like time management, goal setting, meditation etc. that will help you not only in managing your work-life better but will have a positive aspect on all walks of your life .

Let go of your perfectionism

Well, all those who are successful are sometimes perfection driven and it is this quality of yours that is one of the reasons that have contributed to their success. That said, it’s not the only reason. But this as you become older can have an adverse impact on your work-life balance. As you become older, your responsibilities at work, as well as family life increases and it, becomes extremely difficult to maintain that habit of being a perfectionist. Try to instead strive towards achieving excellence. Remember excellence may not always mean being perfect, it means doing things to the best of your abilities and deliver results that will get the desired work done. Striving for excellence is a healthier option.

Hope these tips help you to find your solution of achieving the ever-elusive work-life balance. What steps do you take to maintain a proper balance between your personal and professional lives? Do share your thoughts and insights about this. Also, share the blog with others whom you know might be benefitted from it.

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