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Rabab’s joie de vivre is infectious and among the first things that you would notice about her! She leads life with strength, integrity and self-confidence. She believes that people should take action and the responsibility for those actions in life.  Life centres a person’s emotional strength and taking charge is easy for someone who is already in control of their own self. 

As a forever optimist, she completed her graduation in BMM even though circumstances were difficult and giving up would have been easy. Her journey took another positive turn when she kept trying to build her career. She worked in the media industry for a year before realizing that it was not meant for her because too much of it was artificial. She moved towards studying the human mind at this time to instantly fall in love with being able to help people. Her empathy and the installation of a can-do attitude in people are among her best features.

In 2014, she launched herself as a life coach and a counsellor. She also actively works in the fields of corporate training and as a keynote speaker. She is a staunch supporter of taking action and empowers people by giving them an insight into their minds.

“Life is the result of your beliefs and expectations. Therefore I help you connect your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your life.”

Rabab J Ghadiali



https://youtu.be/VtfQlxMSryY Succeed or Evolve I firmly believe that “You either Succeed o
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